"BASLAW" is now known as "Speech Therapy and Accent Group"


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower clients and their families with skills and resources to communicate effectively at home, at work or at school, with friends and in the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an understanding and supported community in the San Francisco Bay Area of individuals with the communication skill set and knowledge to achieve to the very best of their ability.

STAG's Core Values

At the heart of our therapy practice is a set of core values which we adhere to every day.

1. We celebrate neurodiversity, Our differences are what make us unique, and every individual has a wonderful set of strengths which can be utilized in therapy and coaching to achieve greatness.

2. We are collaborative. Teamwork is at the heart of effective therapy. We strive to work collaboratively as employees, with clients and their families, and all other pertinent team members by seeking input on best practice and progress actively and often.

3. We are open minded. We employ a growth mindset in all that we do and are open to input, critiques and learning.

4. We are evidence-based. Evidence-based practice is at the core of STAG's therapy and our methods can be traced back to current research. We stay current on our continuing education requirements and seek useful classes to help with current cases.

5. We exhibit excellence. Our therapists, administrators, clients and clients' families work hard to achieve success in therapy and coaching sessions. We are present in our work and do whatever it takes to support one another.

6. We communicate. We strive for open and honest communication in all matters. Listening with an empathetic ear, giving our communication partners our full attention, and responding non-defensively in every situation is at the heart of our practice.

7. We have fun. We bring joy into our work! Sessions are most productive when everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves. Hard work is balanced with the joy and optimism we bring into our day.

8. We are grateful. We say thank you and acknowledge others' hard work. Appreciation for our coworkers and clients leads us to notice the great contributions others bring to our sessions and meetings.