"BASLAW" is now known as "Speech Therapy and Accent Group"



 Looking for an inclusive playground, community support groups, books and other resources? You've come to the right place. Please e-mail us at ahartwell@baslaworks.com if you have more resources you'd love to see added to this list.

  • Livermore Special Needs Parent Group: a Facebook-based community of parents in the SF East Bay Area with monthly meetings and advocacy in the community. Find their Facebook group here.
  • The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area has many classes, events and groups available to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. More information is available on their website here.
  • Sunflower Hill is a nonprofit organization based in Livermore working to create a sustainable residential community for individuals with special needs. Their one-acre garden at Hagemann Ranch is in constant need of tending on Saturdays, and all ability levels are welcome to participate. You can visit their website here.
  • Inclusive playgrounds: looking to take your child to a safer, more accessible outdoor play space? This website has a directory of accessible playground spaces throughout the State of California.
  • Looking for more ways to help your preschooler acquire early-developing speech sounds? Preschoolers are very visual and having corresponding finger movements paired with each sound can help. Check out our video on using finger signs here.
  • Our favorite website for speech sound help and printouts for parents is at Mommy Speech Therapy here.
  • Worried about your toddler's speech and language development? Find many helpful articles and videos on how to help your child acquire language more effectively and faster with resources from the Hanen Centre.

Book Recommendations

  • You know your child better than anyone else ever can, and we want to support you feeling empowered in the decisions you make about what therapy to get for your child and how often you choose to engage in therapy. Kristine Barnett's book "The Spark" is an inspiring true account of a mother's journey discovering what is best for her son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, even though what her gut tells her is in direct opposition with recommendations made by her son's therapy team. You can order the book here.
  • Does your toddler exhibit a speech-language delay? This book by the Hanen Centre is an excellent and easy-to-read resource for parents looking for simple ways to boost their child's language growth.
  • Speech-language difficulties are sometimes accompanied by low self esteem in older children, teens and young adults. Does your teenage child struggle with depression? This book by Dr. Jacob Towery, MD is a fantastic and easy-to-read workbook intended to help youth overcome depression and stay healthy. Order your copy here.