"BASLAW" is now known as "Speech Therapy and Accent Group"



Therapy sessions are most effectively conducted at home. For this reason (and for your convenience), we conduct all therapy sessions in your home or via teletherapy. We take a very client-directed approach with high levels of family involvement. Families are given the tools to continue therapy during the week between sessions, which ensures that we are making as much progress as possible.

Therapy sessions are conducted either in a half-hour or hour-long format, following the clinical hour (25 minutes of direct therapy with 5 minutes of post-session discussion for the half-hour format; 50 minutes of direct therapy with 10 minutes of post-session discussion for the hour-long format). For pediatric services, parent involvement is crucial for enhanced communicative success. Sessions may be conducted following a speech-language evaluation, or a current speech-language evaluation from another therapy provider may be used.  NOTE: Insurance is not being accepted at this time.


Develop a second Standard American English accent for use at work or in the community. The accent modification program is typically 12 weeks long, one hour per week in class, and short daily homework assignments are assigned between classes. The program is personalized for every participant and follows an in-depth evaluation. Each evaluation is an hour in length and is used to set the course of the individualized twelve-week program.


Communicate more effectively at work, at home and in the community with improved listening skills, empathy and socially appropriate assertiveness. Exercise improved confidence in your ability to express yourself adequately and tactfully, even during difficult conversations. Sessions are conducted via telecoaching. Coaching in social skills for the workplace or school setting are also available. 


Do you have questions or concerns about your child's speech, language or social abilities? Need an advocate for your child's next Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting at school? Speech Therapy and Accent Group is happy to help you and your family navigate through assessment processes and diagnoses, sort through confusing IEP paperwork, or find the health-related services necessary for your child to succeed.